Transfusion Science Academy

The Transfusion Science Academy contains basic, intermediate and advanced level courses in transfusion science aimed at giving you the core knowledge to underpin your development in your role.

This could be as a biomedical scientist or laboratory assistant within an NHS trust, or an industry professional wishing to become confident in the terminology and context around transfusion.

These courses are delivered using a blend of online digital learning, alongside practical exposure to fundamental laboratory techniques to consolidate the theory and to give you a full and thorough understanding of the core concepts of transfusion science.

**This is a new site for NHSBT to market our courses. It is in a basic form at present with just one course available. More courses will follow in due course, however if you are looking to book on to one of our courses other than the Practical Introduction to Transfusion Science (PITS), you can find more information on our Hospitals and Science website.