Pre-transfusion Testing for Medics


The Royal College of Pathologists recommends that haematology registrars spend time in their local transfusion laboratory, and time is allocated for this during the Essential Transfusion Medicine course. However, we appreciate that some trainees have found it difficult to arrange a visit, or have been unable to perform the basic pre-transfusion testing process in their hospital transfusion laboratory.

We are therefore delighted to introduce the new one-day practical introduction for medics.

This laboratory-based practical course will take you through the pre-transfusion testing process. You will carry out ABO grouping, D typing and antibody screening; followed by Rh and K phenotyping, antibody identification, phenotyping of other red cell antigens, and serological crossmatch.

The course is offered in the NHSBT training laboratories located in the Barnsley, Filton, Manchester, Newcastle and Tooting Blood centres.

The course will run between 10:00-16:00 and the cost is £300 which includes all materials.

If you are interested in courses taking place in the next financial year, please view our future dates and request to be added to our waiting list.

This course is specifically designed for:

  • Doctors commencing studies in Transfusion Medicine
  • All newly registered Speciality Registrars (StRs) within the first 6 months of training
  • Any Doctor who has been unable to attend their local hospital transfusion laboratory for practical training

If you do not fit into one of these categories, then please contact to discuss which transfusion medicine course best fits your needs.

To provide basic practical experience of routine transfusion techniques that are used within a hospital laboratory.

To be able to interpret the results of routine transfusion tests.

This comprehensive course includes case studies, data interpretation and exercises relating to transfusion laboratory practice. Topics covered will include:

  • ABO/D blood grouping
  • Rh phenotyping
  • Antibody screening
  • Identification of red cell antibodies:
  • Phenotyping of other red cell antigens
  • Blood selection
  • Serological crossmatch

One day of practical laboratory-based teaching in an NHSBT training laboratory.

Please ensure that you have received an email confirming your enrolment and Joining Instructions for accessing the Brightspace e-learning platform. You will need to complete a lab safety e-learning module before attending the practical session.

If you have any problems in accessing Brightspace, then please email